The Best Way to Stuff a Kong

You may have heard everyone raving about Kongs, but if your dog doesn’t seem too interested in his, you aren’t alone! There are a lot of ways to fill a Kong, including a lot of ways that deliver food too quickly and too easily. Here is our trainer’s ultimate guide to making your Kong last!

1. Start with the Good Stuff


: Peanut butter, cream cheese, pure canned pumpkin or mashed sweet potatoes

Instructions: Take sticky, yummy food like peanut butter, and smear it inside your Kong. You want the insides to be coated with a thin layer, around the whole Kong. Do not completely fill the Kong! This shouldn’t be the bulk of your Kong, but this great layer on the walls should keep your dog interested until the very end.

Optional: Freeze
At this point, we recommend freezing your Kong with the peanut butter or cream cheese. This helps it last longer, but if you’re in a hurry, this isn’t necessary.


2. Make Your Stuffing

Main ingredient: Your dog’s regular kibble or canned food

Filler: Mashed bananas, plain yogurt, pure pumpkin or sweet potato

Extra: Shredded cheese

Instructions: Now it’s time to create the stuffing! This is the main portion of the Kong, so you’ll want to use your dog’s regular kibble as the base. In a small bowl, mix kibble (the amount will vary on the size of your Kong and your dog) with the filler of your choice. Think of potato salad consistency. Too much filler will make your mixture runny, and not enough will make it spotty. Or you can just stuff it full of regular canned dog food. If you’re feeling extra generous, throw some shredded or grated cheese into the mix!


3. Stuff!

Instructions: When you’re done mixing the stuffing, it’s time to get it in the Kong! Take your (frozen) Kong and start adding the stuffing. You can use your hands, but we prefer using a butter knife and teaspoon to really stuff the mixture inside. Make sure you’re packing the stuffing in, so that the stuffing doesn’t fall out too easily.

Note: Some people choose to freeze after stuffing the Kong. In our experience, this makes the Kong too difficult for most dogs because mixing the kibble with a wet ingredient causes the stuffing to freeze into a solid block.


4. Top if Off and Serve

When you’re done, smear some more cream cheese or peanut butter over the top of the Kong to seal the stuffing in. It doesn’t have to be a lot! (You can even sprinkle some kibble or cheese on top of that too)

Your Kong is now ready to serve. We recommend feeding Kongs in a crate, as it can get messy, but enjoy watching your pup work on his Kong!


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