The Fundamentals of Potty Training

I recently worked with a client who could not get her two puppies potty trained. She did all the right things: taking them out often after naps, crate time, playing; rewarding them when they went; restricting their area to a small space. But still, the dogs went wherever and whenever. Potty training is actually one ofContinue reading “The Fundamentals of Potty Training”

Help, My Dog Jumps on My Guests!

Clients often come to us with behavioral problems like barking out the window or jumping on guests. And they’re often surprised when we recommend a basic obedience training. They ask, “How will teaching “sit” fix this?” First of all, basic training establishes simple cues like Sit, Down, Leave It, Come Here, and Place (going to his bedContinue reading “Help, My Dog Jumps on My Guests!”